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Innovative Recycling Facilities & Capabilities

Emterra LEED Waste Processing Facilities - Green Buildings

Emterra’s recycling facilities and processing capabilities make us experts in recycling.

Our newest state-of-the-art material recovery facility in Regina, Saskatchewan put us at the top of industry leading experts in resource recovery. It’s also a green building which means it uses less energy, water and natural resources.

Completed in 2013, it is our first facility built from the ground up to incorporate environmental sustainability. The development required nearly $18 million in investment in land, building, equipment and employment in the region. Servicing the City of Regina and surrounding communities in the residential and commercial sectors, the facility is designed to process over 50,000 tonnes of recyclables each year.

We are proud to contribute to the local economy here by hiring local contractors, construction companies and other service providers.

Green Building Features

This recycling plant follows Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design's (LEED) best practices for the design, construction and operation of high performance green buildings. Day by day, the 45,000 sq. ft. plant lowers energy and water costs, reduces greenhouse gas emissions and creates a healthier environment for occupants.

Emterra designed and constructed the recycling facility with LEED standards in mind and incorporated features that conserve energy and resources. There were 1,000 tonnes of recycled materials used in the land development and building of the facility alone!

  • Recycled Asphalt: Over 250 metric tonnes of recycled asphalt have been incorporated into the site development
  • Green Windows: All aluminum components are made from approximately 50% recycled materials. All windows are dual glaze with advanced Low-E coatings tailored to the needs of different climate zones and spaces between the panes are filled with Argon and Krypton gas providing better insulation
  • Green Suppliers: We chose partners that think like us. For example, the supplier for all the doors is a LEEDs certified operation
  • Recycled Metal Structure and Panels: Nearly 137 metric tonnes of recycled steel is included in the structure and cladding systems
  • Water Conservation: Toilets and urinals have low flow flushing systems. Urinals are also equipped with a sensor operating flush system
  • Energy Conservation: Windows are set near the top of the walls allowing natural light to be the primary light source during daytime, reducing the usage of electric lights. In the plant, the recycling equipment features industry-leading, energy efficient technology

Effective Recycling Facilities

This is Emterra’s 12th material recyclables facility (MRF) and the fourth to be dedicated to processing single stream recycling (see all our facilities here) using the most energy-efficient and advanced sorting equipment.

The technology and design will enable it to process the full spectrum of packaging and printed paper recyclables collected in the residential and commercial sectors, including plastic packaging (identified as resin types 1 through 7) with the exception of plastic film and expanded polystyrene packaging (most companies in Canada do not process plastic film and expanded polystyrene at this point), aseptic and polycoated containers, steel cans, aluminum containers, glass, cardboard, newspaper, magazines, soft cover books, printer paper, and all types of mixed paper.

The optical sorting equipment utilizes advanced near-infrared spectrometer-based detection to recognize various recyclable materials based on their specific and unique spectral properties of reflected light and visual spectrometer-based detection to recognize materials based on their specific colour properties. This optical system is the most energy efficient system available on the market today achieving light energy savings of up to 70%.

Through the combined use of green construction best practices and the most advanced technology for recyclable materials processing, Emterra’s recycling plant is a world-class facility in resource conservation.